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Kent campaign targets not-so-'smart' drivers

Friday 28th January 2011

Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership (KMSCP) is launching a new campaign in response to a report which shows that the number of motorists using hand held mobile phones while driving has more than trebled in a year.

The crackdown, which also targets motorists not wearing their seatbelts, follows an RAC report showing that 21% of motorists use ‘smart’ phone technology to access Twitter, Facebook and their emails while driving.

Tweets analysed by Twitter over just one week included: “I can't believe how bad my spelling was in my last tweet. A testament to not tweeting whilst driving!” Another said: “Tweeting whilst driving, watch out for PC plod.”

Warning boards are going up at every fixed safety camera site in Kent and Medway to remind drivers that camera vans are enforcing mobile phone and seatbelt laws as well as speed limits.

KMSCP is also concerned by roadside surveys in Kent which have shown that one in 10 motorists do not wear seatbelts.

Katherine Barrett, of KMSCP, said: “In the last three years there have been at least 46 crashes on the county’s roads involving someone using a mobile phone while at the wheel. Of these there were four fatalities, 10 serious injuries and 48 slight injuries.

“More and more people are using ‘smart’ phone technology, so it’s not just ringing and texting that people are using their phones for. The RAC report said that one in five people admitted to accessing email, Facebook and Twitter while driving.”

Camera vans are enforcing mobile phone, seat belt and speed offences at all 136 fixed and mobile camera sites in Kent.

For more information contact Jeff Simms on 01622 604600.


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