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Warwickshire plans more cameras without signs

Monday 16th March 2009

Warwickshire County Council is set to put up more safety cameras without signs telling drivers that they are there (Telegraph).

The council says the move would reduce street clutter.

However, Kevin Delaney, head of road safety at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says: "Signs indicating that cameras are being used to enforce speed limits are safety critical. There is no deterrent from a speed camera when the first you know about it is when a letter arrives 14 days later.

Andrew Howard, head of road safety at the AA, said: "The idea of a speed camera is to slow people down. The best way of doing that is having a sign telling them the camera is there.”

But Rob Gifford, executive director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, takes a different view: "I think it is a good idea to give people a little bit of uncertainty.

"There is research in New Zealand which concluded that unsigned enforcement was more effective on rural roads. If this is applied properly it could have some road safety benefits."

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