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DVDs depict real life stories

Thursday 11th November 2010

A series of DVDs and videos, depicting real life stories, has been released as part of an initiative to keep young people safe on North Yorkshire’s roads.

The DVDs, created by 95 Alive, the York and North Yorkshire road safety partnership, are designed to have an edge of reality by telling the real life stories of victims, parents and youngsters who have been affected by road crashes.

They will be aired on the 95 Alive YouTube channel, and the partnership hopes they will encourage students to enter its video competition, Call the Shots, which encourages students to use their film making talents to spread the road safety message.

David Bowe, chair of 95 Alive said: “These are the drivers and road users of the future. We need to encourage them to think road safety the second they get into a car.

“Some of these stories are truly harrowing and we can only applaud the people who have been brave enough to put them on video. It is the reality of what can happen that we believe can help get these crucial messages across.”

Andrew Santon, North Yorkshire County Council RSO, said: “The DVD made with David and Janet is aimed at parents. It features a North Yorkshire Police crash investigation team giving crucial advice on how they can help keep their sons and daughters safe before and after they pass their driving test.”

For more information contact Janet Gleeson, 95 Alive, on 01609 798304.


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