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RideSafe relaunches young rider programme

Monday 1st November 2010

RideSafe BackSafe is relaunching the Geared & Go young rider education programme for nearly 200 young and aspiring moped and scooter riders.

The short courses, which will be held on 9 and 11 November, will include information about protective clothing and helmets, legal requirements and routes to a licence, as well as a short educational film and advice about how to improve hazard awareness.

RideSafe BackSafe intends to extend the reach of the Geared & Go programme across Lancashire, Cumbria, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. The programme is designed to appeal to 16-24 year old riders and can be tailored, in terms of format and duration, to suit individual colleges and universities.

Karen Delaney, RideSafe BackSafe spokesperson, said: “All young riders relish their new-found freedom; owning a scooter or moped means you don’t have to rely on public transport, or your parents, to get you from A to B.

“Typically, young riders are either nervous and cautious, or over-confident and blasé. However, one thing that is consistent is a lack of experience on today’s busy roads and unfortunately, this is a factor reflected in casualty statistics everywhere.

“Geared & Go is designed to provide an informative, positive and interactive programme that enhances the personal safety of young road users - without taking away the independence and enjoyment of riding a bike.”

For more information about ‘Geared & Go’ contact Rhiannon Leeds on 01772 531 940.


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This is news to me. I usually have my ear to the ground and live in the Lancashire area. There is nothing as yet on the Ridesafe Backsafe website and I view it on a daily basis. Imputing information that would hopefully benefit younger riders.

I have made noises over the last few years about the lack of available training [that doesn't cost a fortune] for learners and nubies. Geared and go doesn/t attract those who would benefit from such training and they need to be identified and encouraged to participate in such a venture.

Should they want premises and assistance I would be only to welcome to assist.
Bob Craven, Lancs

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