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THINK! encourages children to 'be bright and be seen'

Thursday 28th October 2010

The THINK! campaign is urging children to 'be bright and be seen' with darkness falling earlier after the clock change last weekend.

THINK!’s top tips for making sure children are visible when out on the roads are:

· Wear brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing which shows up well in daylight and at dusk.

· If you're out and about when it's dark, wear reflective gear to make sure you can be seen in car headlights. Reflective vests, sashes or wristbands work well. Remember, fluorescent clothing doesn't work after dark.

· Use accessories - even small items such as clip-on reflectors, fluorescent arm bands and stickers on your school bag are a great way to improve your visibility.

· If you like to cycle, remember that it's the law to have clean and working lights at night (white at the front and red at the back) as well as a rear reflector.

· Being bright isn't the only way to stay safer. If you're out at night, choose routes and crossing places that are well lit and remember to always use the Green Cross Code.

Mike Penning, road safety minister, said: “Britain's roads are among the safest in the world and the number of children killed has fallen by 82% in the last 20 years. However, 81 children still died on our roads last year and we know we need to do more to cut this toll.

"Making sure that children are easily seen by drivers is important all year round but especially at this time of year when evenings are getting darker. Drivers and riders should also remember to keep a look out for children walking and cycling."

The THINK! Tales of the Road website has interactive games and exercises explaining the importance of being visible on the road.

RSOs can order Be Bright Be Seen reflective clip-ons and A5 flyers giving advice on how children can stay safer and be seen by drivers when they are out and about this winter. The items can be found in the 'Child and Teen' section of the road safety professionals’ catalogue on the THINK! site.


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