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New vans cut biker accidents

Monday 6th April 2009

Motorcycle accidents in Norfolk are falling following the introduction of new triple camera-equipped speed enforcement vans (Surveyor magazine, 02/04/09).

Norfolk is the first Beacon authority to have won DfT support for a trial of the Teletraffic Commander system, which records linked images of speeding vehicles approaching, passing and then – for automatic number plate-recognition – receding.

Full evaluation is due after the trial ends in March 2010, but ‘anecdotal evidence is that word is getting around’, according to the county council’s casualty reduction project engineer, Keith Allen.


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Could there be any other reason for the fall in process and decline in speeding offenders.
Such as a reduction of motorcyclists on the road during this period due to inclement weather. Therefore if one third of riders dont go out on a sunday due to rain then one would expect less revenue from speed cameras and possibly some justification for said van.

Bob Craven, Blackpool

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