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STARS to shine on Glasgow schools

Wednesday 13th October 2010

The ‘Go Safe Glasgow’ Road Safety Partnership has launched a new school travel and road safety (STARS) project, with input from Oxfordshire and West Dumbartonshire’s road safety teams.

George Cairns, the RSO responsible for the project, said: “We were asked to look at parking in the vicinity of schools and found that Oxford had developed a project looking at this particular issue and they kindly helped out with advice and guidance.

“Co-operation continued with input from West Dunbartonshire Council and Sustrans who provided copyright licence on documents they had produced that would be incorporated within the document.”

The final STARS document, outlining Glasgow’s full school travel and road safety service, was produced by dbda who act as advisors to ‘Go Safe Glasgow’. The document has also been integrated with the relevant outcomes and experiences of the recently launched Curriculum for Excellence in Scottish schools. Every Primary School in Glasgow will receive a complimentary copy and it will also be made available for downloading from the Education Services website.

George Cairns added: “This three-year programme will result in every primary school in Glasgow creating a STARS team made up from existing Eco Clubs and junior road safety officers. Initial feedback is that schools have responded very positively to the initial pilot project and a waiting list of keen STARS recruits is being compiled.”

For more information contact Bill Smith at dbda.


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A new school travel plan, what happened to the old one? As a local resident who went to STP meetings we thought it was a complete waste of time and money. We do appreciate that safety is of the utmost importance for children but in our area no one seem to take responsibility for the extremely bad parking at the school which was by far the biggest problem. They even suggested that the kids should cycle to school which is almost impossible in this area and that was the final straw for us. No doubt it will work in some areas but in this area you would have to come and see it for yourself.
Mr. J. Williamson /Mr. G. Mc Guire

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We're delighted Glasgow has found our work useful and wish them well with their project. Our original Zig-zag Parking Programme is available for other LA's to use in the Knowledge Centre.
Mandy Rigault and Lisa Carroll, Oxfordshire County Council

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