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'Clunk Click' face praises speed awareness course

Tuesday 12th October 2010

The woman whose scarred face was used in Jimmy Savile’s 1970s ‘Clunk Click’ seat belt campaign has praised speed awareness courses, after being caught speeding herself.

Barbara Moore (pictured) received 100 stitches to her face after a crash in which she was a passenger. Now a 54 year-old mother of four, she has just completed a speed awareness course.

Barbara said: “I do feel guilt in the light of my experience that I broke the speed limit but the course was brilliant. Everyone would benefit from this. It has changed forever how I drive. I drive differently because of it and I am now much more aware when I am on the road.

“It makes you realise just how important the speed limits are and the impact on someone if they walked out in front of your car."

For more information contact Elaine Adams on 01952 505026.


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The government tell us they want more education for drivers and other road users. Their financial policies have resulted in some road safety partnerships switching off their fixed cameras, and stopping mobile camera unit enforcement. They are also ending their speed awareness workshops. No education. Where's the logic and joined up thinking?
Mark, Wiltshire

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