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Parents are key for new campaign

Monday 11th October 2010

RoadSafe is encouraging road safety professionals to join a free campaign designed to help parents make their children the best possible drivers.

The campaign, which launches in the first week of November, aims to make parents aware that they have an important role to play in ensuring their children learn to drive safely and responsibly after passing their test. It recognises that parents are in a unique position to influence young drivers in their initial 'fun but challenging' months on the road.

RoadSafe points to DfT figures showing that one in five drivers crash within the first six months of passing their test. The figures also show that 45,701 drivers aged between 17-24 were involved in accidents reported to the police in 2009, which resulted in 25,008 casualties and 564 fatalities.

Risks to young drivers are increased by factors such as night driving, tiredness, passenger distraction, speed, driving older cars, mobile phone use and alcohol and drugs.

RoadSafe’s campaign challenges parents to help their children by setting a good example through their own driving, talking to their children about responsible driving, putting their child in the safest car they can afford - or even taking a driving lesson themselves to bring their skills up to date.

It also states that it is best to prepare teenagers for the road before they reach the driving age, advocating the use of interactive software from a2om which coaches in behaviour and risk awareness, and is available free in schools.

The campaign website will go live shortly, but in the interim for more information contact Clare Simpson at RoadSafe.


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