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TV ads lead spring motorcycle campaign

Monday 6th April 2009

Cumbria’s annual motorcycle safety campaign launches this week with two ads aired on Border and Tyne Tees TV.

Backing up the TV ads are 25,000 ‘Don’t Crunch After Lunch’ leaflets distributed to readers of Bike magazine in the northwest. The leaflet highlights casualty data such as times of day and age of riders, and alerts them to hazards in Cumbria and other rural areas.

Safer Roads For Cumbria’s Bluetooth equipment will be used to transmit an animation to the mobile phones of riders who have their Bluetooth option activated.

Roadside posters carrying the Think Bike! and To Die For! Message will be placed along key motorcycle routes throughout the county.

Click here to play the TV ads, or for further information contact Kevin Tea on 01768 217791.


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Not a picture to be enjoyed but sometimes i feel that it needs to be said.
Some would find it a bit harsh but it does make a powerful point that many wuld not like.

I much prefer the type of advert as per the enjoy the ride one or something similar. Perhaps something based on enjoying z ride on country roads including bends and overtaking manouvers which are the greatest dangers beside riding like sheep.
bob craven [ otherwise known as Judge Dredd} Blackpool

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