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Learners worried by independent driving

Wednesday 6th October 2010

55% of learner drivers are worried that they will fail the new practical driving test as a result of the new independent driving section, according to a new survey.

The test now includes an independent driving section during which candidates are required to drive for 10 minutes without step-by-step instruction from their examiner.

The survey, by Focus Multimedia, also revealed that 50% of candidates have already been taught by their instructor about independent driving.

In response, Focus Multimedia has published a PC DVD-ROM revision aid, Driving Test Success All Tests 2011 Edition, which contains a mock driving test video covering independent driving.

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Without fully understanding the 'independent driving' assessment, it is difficult to comment objectively, yet the inference in the above sketch is that an examiner 'instructs'. Surely this is the task of the 'instructor'? Were most of todays drivers subjected to the Public Service Vehicle test as undertaken forty years ago, the vast majority would have failed. Examiners should only be giving 'directions' as to which turning to take. If independent driving entails using the brain more - then all to the good. If drivers pass knowing the basics only, then accidents will remain as they are. If they were taught the basics and why, and the consequences of their actions if the 'why' is ignored, then we will see fewer accidents due to irresponsible driving.
Derek, St Albans.

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