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Calderdale welcomes 'SiD'

Monday 4th October 2010

Calderdale Council is using a mobile speed indicator named ‘SiD’ to identify areas where speed enforcement may be required.

SiD rewards drivers with a smile if they are travelling within the speed limit but gives a frown to those who are not.

The results of SiD’s speed measurements will be sent to residents, local Ward forums and Calderdale Police traffic manager, Sgt Chris Boyd.

SiD will also be touring local schools, giving children the opportunity to encourage drivers to slow down around their schools.

Sgt Boyd said: “What SiD tells me will help decide where the Police need to carry out speed enforcement. This means we can concentrate on locations where we are likely to have the most impact on reducing collisions where speed is a factor.”

Kate Marsh, Calderdale Council’s deputy road safety officer, said: “We are really pleased that we are now able to quickly respond to residents’ concerns about inappropriate and excessive speeds.

“Excessive speeds on local streets create anxiety within local communities. We know that many drivers appreciate a quick reminder about their speed through the use of vehicle activated signs and we hope SiD will encourage everyone to share road space safely.”

For more information contact Kate Marsh on 01422 392815


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