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Merseyside Police to run biker awareness campaign

Thursday 23rd September 2010

Merseyside Police will highlight bikers’ vulnerability in an ‘engage and educate’ campaign in the last week of September.

The campaign, supported by the RideSafe BackSafe safety initiative for bikers, will focus on stopping bikers across Merseyside to discuss inappropriate riding and clothing. The operation will also target drivers with motorcyclists’ safety in mind.

Mike Abram, RideSafe BackSafe team member and Merseyside Police motorcyclist, says: “This will be a firm, fair and friendly campaign to highlight some of the most frequent causes of collisions in urban traffic and the potential consequences for motorcyclists in particular.

“Officers will be stopping car, van, bus or lorry drivers where driving suggests that they do not ‘think bike’.

“T-junctions, traffic lights, right hand turns, stop signs and U-turns, for example, regularly feature in our collision reports and yet it is often down to a lack of concentration or a poor attitude on the road, rather than an inability to drive safely.”

Mike Abram added: “Trainers, jogging pants and a hoodie offer very little protection in the event of even a minor incident and this suggests an ‘it won’t happen to me’ philosophy among young riders.

“So we will be talking to them about the benefits of wearing proper protective clothing as well as offering a little guidance about safe riding.”

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For once, I will be brief - not my style I know - but all this news item needs is a well deserved congratulations. Targeting drivers is first class. Mike, please let all of us know how it goes. Maximum publicity on this one is a must.

By the way, I have heard a rumour that Merseyside Police Traffic Division is the best in the UK, is that correct?
Roy Buchanan. Sutton

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