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Operation puts scooter teens on right track

Monday 6th April 2009

Young scooter riders across Leeds have been given a ‘pit stop’ as part of an initiative to cut death and serious injury on the city’s roads.

Operation Pit Stop has seen roads policing officers join forces with the council’s road safety unit to educate young scooter riders on getting around safely and legally.

Teams of officers have also been visiting the city’s main colleges and other sites to talk to young riders about keeping their machines properly serviced and legal, and the importance of wearing proper protective clothing.

‘Goody bags’ have been also distributed, which include a leaflet showing how badly injured a rider wearing just jeans and a T-shirt would be in a fall or collision, compared to one wearing proper protective equipment.

Chief Inspector Scott Bisset said: “We want these young and vulnerable riders to understand that this is about us offering guidance, not persecuting them.

“Too many young riders fail to appreciate the dangers of becoming road users as they move from pedal to petrol power. We want them to undergo recognised training before they head out on the roads and to wear decent protective equipment.”

For further information contact David Glanville.


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What a good idea. I hope the police were helpfull and pro active as they might be open to critisism from some quarter.

Pity when a person takes on a bike, bought from a dealer and pays for a cbt that they are not given or sold any of the many good guides to safer riding and that could be made available and sold at such shops and or through clubs.
bob craven [ otherwise known as Judge Dredd} Blackpool

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