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Children in deprived areas face greater road risks

Tuesday 17th August 2010

Children living in deprived areas are five times more likely to be injured or killed on the roads than those living in affluent areas, according to new research.

The report, ‘Child Casualties 2010; A study into resident risk of children on roads in Great Britain 2004-08’, was conducted by Road Safety Analysis.

The research indicates that children living in Preston are more than twice as likely to be injured on the roads than the national average, and five times more likely than those living in Kensington & Chelsea.

Dan Campsall, director of Road Safety Analysis, said: “The study shows a worrying discrepancy between different parts of the country.

“Children in some areas experience considerably higher risk from road traffic crashes than others who might be living just over the border.

“There is still further study to be undertaken and we are keen to make sure all of the data and analysis techniques that underpin this study can be accessed by local authorities to allow them to investigate how they might ensure the safety of children from their communities.”

Andy Ward, Experian Public Sector, added: “Mosaic profiling has been used to highlight the danger young children face by local authority area across the UK.

“It is essential that local authorities have access to this insight so they can better inform campaigns and educate citizens on the importance of road safety, and we hope the findings from this study will be used to make roads a safer place for young people.”

Click here to read the full Road Safety Analysis report.


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