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'Someone's Son' runs in Calderdale

Thursday 29th July 2010

Calderdale Safer Roads Group is running the ‘Someone’s Son’ motorcycle safety campaign, which was launched earlier this year by West Yorkshire, Safer Roads Humber and Safer Roads South Yorkshire.

The campaign comprises radio adverts and visual materials including hi viz tabards carrying slogans such as 'someone's son', 'someone's daughter', 'someone's grandad' or 'someone's best mate'. The tabards are designed to enable riders to become part of the campaign by re-enforcing the message in real time on the roads.

David Short, Calderdale’s road safety projects manager, said: “As a motorcycling commuter I enjoy the benefits of low petrol costs, easy parking and freedom from stationary traffic queues.

“However, bikers are very vulnerable and regardless of who is at fault in any collision the biker will always come off second best.

“Bikers need to make themselves more visible and avoid taking chances, especially when filtering between lanes of traffic and negotiating junctions.

“‘Someone’s Son’ brings home the fact that we are all people who matter a great deal to someone else and we all have a responsibility to look out for each other.”

Click on the links below to listen to the radio commercials.

Advert 1 | Advert 2 | Advert 3 | Advert 4

For more information contact David Short on 01422 392142, or visit the ‘Someones Son’ website.


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