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Women 'Take Control' on two wheels

Tuesday 13th July 2010

Take Control rider assessment courses have been offered to women in West Mercia and Warwickshire after a significant increase in the number of female motorcyclists.

RSOs are actively promoting the course, hoping that women will want to develop their motorcycle skills.

Karen Cooke, director of safety at the Motorcycle Industry Association, said: “I have been riding motorcycles for 28 years and am always nervous when anyone else analyses my riding technique, but my instructor was great and really put me at ease.

“Even though I have completed refresher training in the past, he still came up with some helpful suggestions and I was able to iron out one or two bad habits that naturally develop over time.

“I would encourage all moped and motorcycle riders to learn the Take Control techniques and particularly hope the increasing number of female riders will make a commitment to this sort of self improvement.

“There is no bravado, no test and no pressure and it helps you to become a safer rider.”

Katy Jenkins, communications manager for the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia, explained: “Just 10 years ago, most women wearing leathers and a crash helmet were presumed to be pillion passengers, but that’s simply not the case now. We even know of a few ‘women only’ bike clubs.”

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WIMA (Women's International Motorcycle Association) celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year - so women riding motorcycles is nothing new!! Check out for more information.
Penny Thorpe, Cwmbran

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This news warms the heart not just from a road safety angle but from the encouraging enlargement of the number of women in motorcycling. My Club, the International Motorcyclists Tour Club (IMTC), was founded in 1932 by a small group that included a woman, Ida Crow, who lead the club from strength to strength. Another founder member was my hero - or should that be heroine - Marjorie Cottle, probably the finest woman motorcyclist this country has ever produced. For more information please call me but allow an hour because I can talk forever about Marjorie.
Roy Buchanan Sutton

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An excellent opportunity for motorcyclists to have their riding assessed in a relaxed non-pressurised environment. I'm really pleased to hear that more women taking up motorcycling.
Mark - Wiltshire

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