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Consumers can help reduce road deaths

Monday 5th July 2010

Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe, believes the improved electronic safety technology found in newer vehicles has helped reduce the severity of crashes – and that technology must be used to continue the decline in casualties on Britain’s roads.

Mr Walsh says: “The DfT’s announcement of a 12% decline in deaths is good news. It shows all the hard work is paying off. But there is still a need to focus on road safety and the benefits that technology can afford, particularly for consumers.”

However, he also says that there is evidence to suggest the majority of car owners are unaware of the latest systems, raising concerns that consumers may not be prepared to make informed choices about safety when buying a new or second hand vehicle.

Adrian Walsh added: “The market is led by consumers. Uptake of this technology is welcome but it has been slow.

"The public must be better informed of eSafety technologies so they can demand them when buying a vehicle.”

Contact Adrian Walsh for more information.


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