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New resource on the way for commuter bikers

Tuesday 15th June 2010

A company that has produced several road safety resources for motorcyclists is working on a new film targeting 20-50 year old riders.

The ‘Commuter Survival Guide for Motorcyclists’, due for release this summer, will provide practical tips and guidance for today's commuter. The focus is to plug the gap in content available for road safety practitioners and trainers to use when engaging with the commuter rider.

It is also described as ideal for motorcycle dealers to give away at point of sale for anyone buying a bike or scooter, and a range of supporting materials will be available.

Filmed on location in a busy UK city centre, the film will feature a range of roads including central motorways, major ring roads, busy city streets and arterial 'A' roads. Using a range of HD cameras on tracking vehicles and a helicopter, it will include commentary rides on a mid range commuter bike and scooter, making it ideal for use by motorcyclists and trainers alike.

The resource is being produced by Fused Ltd in conjunction with Eye Film and TV, working with a project team comprising representatives from road safety partnerships and the police.

Previous motorcycle projects by Fused include 'Great Roads Great Rides 1 & 2' for the Highways Agency, Devon County Council's Max Rider and Cornering Clinic projects and the Prince Michael award winning safety website 'Handle it or lose it.'

To ensure that the film covers as many elements as possible, bikers are being encouraged to complete a pre-filming survey.

For more information contact Nick Todd at Fused on 0191 383 7430.


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This sounds like an excellent initiative close to my heart. It is ideal to distribute this at point of sale or on training days. Urban accidents involving PTWs is a problem that can be cured and this could be a good remedy. Well done to all concerned. Please can I ask if it will be made available to all of us to buy?
Roy Buchanan Sutton

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An interesting project covering a diverse range of commuters and machines. I'm sure this will be a very useful resource. Nice to see that a variety of different road types will be featured.
Mark - Wiltshire

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