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Speed awareness courses to start in West Midlands

Friday 11th June 2010

Motorists caught speeding in the West Midlands will soon be able to avoid getting three points on their licence by attending a speed awareness course.
The courses are being introduced later this summer by West Midlands Police to re-educate motorists and cut the region’s crash toll.
Instructors from the TTC Group will run the four-hour courses in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Dudley, Coventry and Walsall.

Inspector Mick Hartill of West Midlands Police said: “Excessive speed is a factor in a large number of road traffic collisions.

“However we do appreciate that some drivers may suffer a lapse of attention rather than deliberately breaking the law – that is why we are introducing these courses for low end speeding to educate instead of penalising motorists.”  
 Des Morrison, TTC Group general manager, said: “This is a much fairer system for motorists. Instead of being fined, they will learn how to reduce their speed, comply with speed limits, and become safer drivers. Lives will be saved as a result.”
For more information about driver education call 0845 270 4363 or visit:


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Just got a summons through. Caught doing 46 in a 30. Would I be able to do the course?
Declan Duggan

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I have just been offered the course and will take it. I was doing 41mph in a 30mph.
Michelle, Birmingham

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It is only if you have done 9 or less over the limit as I am aware. Has been my experience twice.
Lee, Cannock

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Why are they doing it in the summer when it's now we need it? I've just got a speeding summons and I would attend a course with no argument.
Colin , west midlands

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Is it possible for a training provider to deliver these courses or are they always delivered by the police?
David Hilton CPC Training Consultants Ltd Oldbury W Midlands

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Would I be able to do the course if I went over 50 mph on a 40mphr?
Tom, Birmingham

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